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Community Planning & Local Assistance

Community planning and local assistance can relate to many areas of planning. The overall goal is to set strategies, develop programs, and implement projects to strengthen a community through finding a shared vision for the future. A healthy community must promote economic opportunity, provide safe and desirable housing options, preserve the natural environment, and enhance the quality of life at both the local and regional levels. Community Planning and development can take shape through individual community master plans, comprehensive regional or multi-town plans, capital improvement planning, visioning sessions, and facilitated community discussions.

Focus Area Scope

Our staff can provide professional planning services and direct technical assistance on the development of master and comprehensive plans, community input surveys, capital improvement plans, land use regulation review and development, and an array of other services. We can work with your community to bring into focus a vision, identify goals, and develop specific steps to take action to realize those goals.

Community Planning & Local Assistance Highlights

Housing Needs Assessment

Planning Boards are required to analyze existing housing resources and address in their master plans the “current and future housing needs of residents of all levels of income of the municipality and region in which it is located, as identified in the regional housing needs assessment performed by the regional planning commission…” (RSA 674:2, III). North Country Council (NCC) periodically conducts assessments to provide the information needed by planning boards for assessing their local housing supply.

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