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The North Country Council has provided land use, transportation, environmental, community, and economic development planning services for 48 years. We are one of nine Regional Planning Commissions (RPC) established in the state by NH RSA 36:46. As an RPC we assist in collaborative planning across many areas, act as liaisons between local, state, and federal government, and provide advisory assistance in the region.

North Country Council seeks to effectively provide services that support municipalities in their planning and community development activities. Support to municipalities is accomplished by providing professional planning services, securing grants, administering grant funding, collecting, and analyzing data, and regional coordination.

In addition to being an RPC, North Country Council is a federally designated Economic Development District (EDD) by the US Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration. The Council, as an EDD, is responsible for carrying out the various aspects of developing, maintaining, and implementing the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). Being a designated EDD, the region is afforded enhanced services focused on economic development.  

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