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Planning for Recovery & Resilience

In 2020, as the region experienced disruption and devastating losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, North Country Council led an inclusive community engagement planning process for sharing stories, strengthening relationships, fostering collaboration, and building resiliency so that the region could co-create a more sustainable future.  This work was supported by CARES Act funding through the US Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration.

Focus Groups & Community Engagement

North Country Council had hosted a series of focus groups conversations for different sectors of the regional economy, and conducted in-person and over-the-phone interviews, participated in community events around the region, and provided opportunities for people to share their stories and insights related to economic and community recovery and resiliency. The stories and information collected by the Council, and supporting quantitative data, are incorporated in the final North Country Rising Plan and carried forward in the North Country Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy.  

Below are the summary reports for each focus group as well as case study research and stories from each sector.

Building a More Resilient Future

Throughout the North Country Rising community engagement process, staff met with leadership, workforce, and community leaders around the region to hear their stories and collect information on both the assets and challenges to rebuilding the economy and building a more resilient future. Here is the first of several videos highlighting those stories.

Further Engagement

In addition to the focus groups, interviews, and community engagement events, North Country Council has engaged the region’s transportation, housing, and economic development committees to provide input into this important planning process and integrate what we learn from North Country Rising into their work.  The goals and strategies identified in the North Country Rising planning process have been integrated into the regional Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) which was updated in 2022.

North Country Council continues to provide support to the region’s efforts to build resiliency by providing technical assistance to the development of collective impact collaborations as well as by supporting collaboration on climate resiliency planning and resource sharing.

If you have a resiliency story to share or would like to bring together a group of colleagues for a collaborative conversation with the Council, please reach out to Stacey Doll, Community Resiliency Planner, at