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North Country Council supports the region in addressing challenges and seizing opportunities. We do so by providing technical assistance and promoting regional collaboration.
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Mission Statement

North Country Council’s mission is to encourage effective community and regional planning for economic development and the conservation of natural, cultural and economic resources. This is accomplished by providing information, regional advocacy, technical assistance, community education, and direct services to the region.

Our Region

Regional Planning Commission

North Country Council is one of nine regional planning commissions in New Hampshire established by RSA 36:46. The commission’s region consists of serving 50 communities and 25 unincorporated places in the northern third of New Hampshire.  The commission serves in an advisory role to local governments in order to promote coordinated planning, orderly growth, efficient land use, transportation access and environmental protection.

Economic Development District

North Country Council is a federally designated Economic Development District (EDD) by the US Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration. The Council as an EDD is responsible for carrying out the various aspects of developing, maintaining, and implementing the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). Being a designated EDD, the region is afforded enhanced services focused on economic development.

About Our Membership

Any municipality in North Country Council’s planning region with a planning board, by ordinance or resolution, is welcome and encouraged to become a member of the Council. Members pay annual dues that assist in leveraging other funding resources for planning efforts and can vary from year to year.

Each member municipality can appoint two residents to serve as Representatives of the Council. Representatives, as well as a Board of Directors, make up the governing body of the Council.  Representatives play an important role in providing the voice of the community at a regional level.

Each member is entitled to two Representatives to represent their Community.

Residents are nominated as Representatives by the Planning Board.

Nominated residents are then appointed Representatives by the municipal officers.

Representatives serve a four-year term, meeting quarterly.

Role of Representatives

Representatives act as liaisons between North Country Council and the communities they represent so that the Council can provide practical assistance and enhanced considerations in regional and local planning activities. In addition, Representatives provide important updates about their community’s experiences and work in concert with other communities to govern how North Country Council carries out the work program.

Representatives have the opportunity and are encouraged to participate in a variety of North Country Council’s, regional and state committees. Participation from Representatives ensures that the unique nature and challenges of the North Country are represented.

Responsibilities of Representatives

  • Oversee the Council and the Mission and keep them relevant to the needs of the region and communities.
  • Review, advise on, and approve the budget, work plan, regional plans, and assessments.
  • Elect Board of Directors and offices of the Council.
  • Provide strategic guidance.
  • Ensure financial solvency, integrity, and soundness of the organization.
  • Utilize expertise and knowledge to make a positive impact.
  • Act as an ambassador of North Country Council and conduit of information.
  • Participate on committees as relevant.