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Learn more about our committees and councils by reading their short descriptions below or by visiting their separate pages.

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Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC)

The Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) is a committee made up of representatives from around the region. TAC members provide input on transportation-related issues and the needs of communities in region.

North Country Council serves as the point of contact for the five Scenic Byways overseen by the North Country Scenic Byway Council.

North Country Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Committee (CEDS)

The North Country Economic Development Comprehensive Strategy Committee is responsible for developing and revising the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). This committee is comprised of individuals that represent a broad range of constituencies in the region.

Regional Coordinating Councils

Regional Coordinating Councils (RCCs) are composed of local transportation providers, human service agencies, funding agencies and organizations, consumers, and regional planning commission staff. RCCs work to develop information that is helpful to transportation service user and identify opportunities for coordination between transportation service providers.

The Council assists with the work of two RCCs: Grafton-Coos Regional Coordinating Council and Carroll County Regional Coordinating Council.