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Some of the services and assistance we provide in our areas of focus include:

  • Updating & developing community Master, Hazard Mitigation, or Capital Improvement Plans.
  • Assistance with organization of community Household Hazardous Waste Events.
  • Development & implementation of special traffic counts, parking studies, completed street pop-ups or roads, and crossing assessments.
  • Development of surveys, public input process, community outreach.
  • Drafting and review of land use ordinances, policies, and procedures
  • Initial data research, mapping, and funding strategy to support local project development
  • Grant writing
  • Grant administration and compliance

How we can Assist:

North Country Council provides communities and partner organizations with planning services, technical assistance, training, and connections to resources. In various areas of community and economic development planning.

The majority of our services are available to member and non-member communities and organizations. Members have the advantage of member rates, complimentary services, and the ability to leverage funds depending on the current funding sources the Council has available. In many cases, our services or assistance can be tailored to meet your community or organization’s needs, capacity, or budget.

We are always available to discuss your community’s opportunities, challenges, projects, or planning needs, even if they do not fit neatly into one of our focus areas. 

Community Planning & Local Assistance

Community Planning and development can take shape through individual community master plans, comprehensive regional or multi-town plans, capital improvement planning, visioning sessions, and facilitated community discussions. This area focuses on complementing local planning activities by providing professional planning services like technical assistance on land use regulations, review of developments, assistance in completing funding applications, and technical assistance on specific topics.

Economic Development

Economic development is the concerted effort of local government and industry organizations to encourage business activity, employment, wealth creation, and distribution in ways that benefit the community. We work with stakeholders to understand and utilize economic trends in crafting partnerships and projects.

Environmental Planning

A healthy environment has a wealth of benefits from trails for recreation to the scenic natural resources that the region’s economy depends on. It is through initiatives such as the Brownfields Program, Household Hazardous Waste program, stream crossing assessments, and the promotion of efficient energy opportunities that we provide benefits to communities and the region.

Mapping & Data Analysis

Mapping data is a planning tool that uses geography and statistics to manipulate and present information. GIS can help you visualize, analyze, and understand relationships, patterns, and trends in data. The use of GIS can support a variety of projects and functions within municipalities and organizations.

Resiliency & Emergency Planning

Resiliency and Emergency Planning assesses risk and vulnerability in a community, business, or organization and develops strategies for prevention, protection, response, recovery, mitigation, and adaptation.

Transportation Planning

The Council works with local and regional partners as well as state and federal agencies to complete projects that make our transportation network safer, more accessible, and more resilient. We work with stakeholders to identify and prioritize transportation concerns so they can be addressed effectively.


Give our staff a call or email us. We would love to hear about what you are working on and find ways to help.