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Housing Ready Project -Limited funding available!

The North Country Council is pleased to announce that we have launched the Housing Ready Project with grant funds from Congresswoman Kuster’s office to work with communities in the region as they address housing challenges.

This grant will all us to work one-on-one with communities to craft a project that will improve access to diverse and affordable housing options. Technical assistance and planning work can be completed in one or more categories: 1) education; 2) capacity building; and/or 3) implementation.

Projects can be, but are not limited to: 

  • Increasing local knowledge of housing needs, development process and importance;
  • Working with the business community to explore and implement creative workforce housing techniques;
  • Reviewing existing ordinances and regulations applicable to housing development to possible amendments to support the creation of more housing;
  • Exploring suitable locations for the development of housing that is affordable and accessible to local residents; and
  • Facilitating design charrettes to unify and engage the community around the topic of housing and its benefit to the community.

There is enough funding to work directly with five (5) communities, and are asking communities to reach out with their ideas by June 14th. We highly recommend that ideas are submitted or schedule a call by that date so we can allocate the limited funds that we have received. 

Reach out today to set up a 30-minute consultation with Angela Cleveland, Program Coordinator: or 603-444-6303 x2031

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