sustainabilityIn November 2014 the North Country Council adopted a new Regional Plan with sustainability and resilience as two of its guiding principles. In 2015 and 2016, with funding from the Jane’s Trust Foundation and Neil and Louise Tillotson Fund of NHCF, North Country Council was able to launch an increased focus on the sustainability and resilience of the North Country economy.  This work included development and distribution of:

These materials will be used on an ongoing basis and updated as needed to ensure that the planning and economic development activities continue to lead the region toward a more resilient sustainable economy.

For assistance using the Guide for Municipalities to get ideas for ways in which your community might increase its support for businesses, contact Tara Bamford – or 603-444-6303 x26.

To learn how other businesses have increased their resilience and sustainability, or about the work of the CEDS Committee, contact Michelle-Moren Grey – or 603-444-6303 x14. Click here to learn more about the work of the CEDS Committee. Click here for the 2016 CEDS Update.

To lay the foundation for one the next steps, partnering with the region’s higher education institutions to work hands-on with individual businesses, NCC provided a survey to the over 7,000 businesses in the NCC Economic Development District. The survey focused on the supply chain, and the potential for increasing use of local products and services. Click here for the Local Products and Services Survey Results. The Supply Chain Survey itself and the Supply Chain Survey Methodology notes are also provided for those interested in digging a little deeper into this topic.