Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Committee

The CEDS Committee is responsible for developing and revising the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS).  This committee is comprised of individuals that represent a broad range of constituencies in the region.  These stakeholders include public officials, state and federal representatives, institutions of higher education, work force development, healthcare, local business owners, non-profits and regional leaders.

The CEDS Committee reviews projects and activities in the region that pertain to economic development and job creation.  It meets bi monthly to review and prioritize economic development projects and update the CEDS.  Committee meetings also provide a forum for pending projects to present material to the Committee for their consideration.

2017 CEDS Meetings

January 13, 2017

March 10, 2017

May 12, 2017 – Location Gorham Town Hall Auditorium, 20 Park Street


Presentation by Dr. Richard Rosen, CEO AmericanAgEnergy

North Country Growers Presentation May 2017 (PDF)

September 8, 2017 – Location Tech Village, 53 Technology Lane,  Conway

November 17, 2017

Granite State Room – UNH Cooperative Extension, 629A Main Street, Lancaster

2017 CEDS Minutes

1-13-17 CEDS Minutes Approved

5-10-17 CEDS Minutes Approved

2016 CEDS Minutes

1-8-16 CEDS Minutes Approved

3-11-16 CEDS Minutes Approved

5-13-16 CEDS Minutes Approved

7-8-16 CEDS Minutes Approved

9-9-16 CEDS Minutes Approved 

2015 CEDS Minutes

9-11-15 CEDS Minutes Approved

7-10-15 CEDS Minutes Approved

5-8-15 CEDS Minutes Approved

3-13-15 CEDS Minutes Approved

11-13-15 CEDS Minutes Approved


CEDS Project Profile Form            

CEDS Projects List 5-12-2017


Michelle Moren-Grey, Economic Development Planner

Email | (603) 444-6303 Extension 14