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Building Collaborative Capacity | Brown Bag Lunch Series

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June 6th Session

What are the most important conversations we are not having?

Session  resources.

The Fruits of Collaboration

This blog includes our framework on the stages of collaborative work, including the triangle graphic.

Time to Rethink Brainstorming

This blog describes the 1-2-4-All process and its benefits

Liberating Structures

This web site offers a toolbox of participatory methods to bring more life to meetings, including 1-2-4-All.

Questions as Catalysts

Workshop 1 Slides

June 14th Session

Listening for understanding and innovation.

Session resources.

Setting the Table for a Great Meeting

This blog describes a process for planning a meeting, which is work you would do with a design team.

For more information on the stakeholder engagement process of the Transportation & Climate initiative, see this final summary report.

The Multi-Dimensional Benefits of World Cafe

This blog shares how useful World Cafe can be to weaving conversations across siloes, building trust, etc. Here is a link to learn tips on running one: World Cafe Method.

Listening skills: If you’d like to learn more about resonant listening, Sarah Peyton has an on-line course: Resonant Language

For your listening pleasure, here is a link to the Living Love podcast, with stories of how healthy communities and relationships can bring out the best in people and change destructive patterns. Best to start from the first one.

Workshop 2 Slides

June 21st Session

Working together for collective impact.

Register Here and feel free to invite colleagues.

June 27th Session

Staying connected for peer-to-peer learning and collaboration.

Register Here for June 27th.

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