Renewable Energy Generation Incentive Program “The state, through Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has developed a rebate program for residential renewable electric generating systems rated less than 5kw generating capacity. The application is available through the PUC sustainable energy division. The PUC also has additional rebate programs for residential and commercial systems, including rebates for thermal renewable systems.

Net Metering“NH Public Utilities Commission , Code of Administrative Rules, provides for net metering, which permits homeowners to receive credit for on site electricity generation such as from a solar photovolactic (PV) or wind turbine installation when the generation exceeds household consumption. This is accomplished by the use of an electric meter that can run both forward and backward so that the homeowner is billed only for the net reading on the meter.

Economic Revitilization Zone (ERZ) Tax Credits “Businesses which make a certain level of capital investment and create new jobs are eligible to apply for ERZ tax credits. These credits can be used to offset tax liabilities against the New Hampshire business profits and enterprise taxes. The total maximum amount of credit is 200,000 dollars over five years.

Community Development Investment Program (CDIP) “The community development finance authority (CDFA) gives 75% state tax credit against donation made to any approved project. The tax credit can be applied against the New Hampshire business profits tax, business enterprise tax, and/or the insurance premium tax. The donation may also be eligible for treatment as a state and federal charitable contribution. In most cases, business only pay about 11 cents on the dollar for their contributions.”