NH DOT Statewide Freight Plan

The New Hampshire Department of Transportation is in the process of updating the Statewide Freight Plan, a strategic planning document that will define a short and long-term vision for the freight system in New Hampshire. The Plan will be completed by fall 2018. Public officials, freight industry representatives, and businesses/organizations that ship or receive goods are encouraged to attend a Freight Plan Summit & Open House on March 22, 2018 in Claremont. The summit is from 1-3pm, followed by an open house from 4-6. For more information: visit NHDOT’s Freight Plan webpage:


Posted 03/07/2018


Public Notice For 5310 Purchase of Service and Formula Funding Grants

The Mount Washington Valley Economic Council, as Lead Agency for Carroll County Regional Coordinating Council (CCRCC) will be submitting applications for up to $120,246 of FTA Section 5310 Purchase of Service funding for FY18-19 and $32,385 of FTA Section 5310 Formula Funding for FY18. The purpose of this funding is to expand transportation services for the elderly and disabled in Carroll County. Transportation providers currently accessing these funds are Tri-County CAP, the Gibson Center for Senior Services, and Carroll County RSVP. It is anticipated those providers will again provide eligible service, but any other interested transportation providers serving the elderly and disabled in Carroll County contact Nicholas Altonaga no later than February 13, 2017 to inquire about funding eligibility.


All questions or comments can be directed towards Nicholas Altonaga, North Country Council, (603) 444-6303, ext. 21, David Jeffers Lakes Region Planning Commission (603) 279-5341, or Jac Cuddy, Mount Washington Valley Economic Council, Executive Director, (603) 447-6622.



 North Country Council website: http://www.nccouncil.org/

Lakes Region Planning Commission website: http://www.lakesrpc.org/

Carroll County RCC website: http://www.carrollcountyrcc.com/