Compost production at Lancaster Floral Design. A local plant nursery that produces compost among other products.

New Hampshire has six operating landfills, we recognize the space limitation of these facilities. It is forcing us to become increasingly aware of what we are putting into landfills. Through recycling efforts, a lot of waste is being diverted, such as plastics and glass. In the state of New Hampshire, we currently have a statutory ban on leaf and yard waste being disposed of in a landfill. There is no current ban on food waste in landfills. However, we encourage residents to become informed of alternatives for such waste. One great inexpensive way to divert this waste is through composting. Below we have some resources that you can utilize and share on food and organics waste.

Below are educational brochures created by NCC staff and available to be printed and distributed at your discretion.

Untitled                  Untitled2                                         NH Statutory Bans Shareable Piece  
Food Waste Brochure
                  Food Waste Brochure           NH Statutory Bans on Waste Shareable Piece

Food Waste

compost web
Best Mangement Practices for Food Waste.
EPA’s Sustainable Materials Management Web Academy.
Food Waste Reduction Alliance.
Waste Coast Solutions.
Food Waste in Resturants


compost web

Environmental Protection Agency Guide to Composting.
D Acres of New Hampshire
Mr.Fox Composting
Highfields Center for Composting