North Country Council Offers GIS Services

GIS is a computer system that is used to analyze, store, manipulate, integrate and display data that is related to geographic locations on the Earth’s surface. Through active interaction of known data and GIS mapping tools, layers are developed that describe and display features being studied in specific geographic areas, for example, areas of importance for hazard mitigation, ideal locations for future development, and natural resource areas that are in need of protection. GIS can reveal patterns such as population trends, or spatial relationships between features that would otherwise not be apparent in spreadsheets or statistical packages.  GIS can provide a better understanding of community needs, “best use” scenarios and a clearer understanding of local economic trends.

Map Production

Most GIS analysis results in an end product, a GIS map. Using existing spatial data layers, North Country Council (NCC) can produce a broad spectrum of custom map products for communities and partner nonprofits. Ranging from simple aerial renditions to complex data representations, such as  master plan and zoning maps, GIS maps can be a valuable tool for most planning endeavors.

Data Development

In cases where digital data is not available or needs to be updated, North Country Council is available to automate or “digitize” the data. Examples include zoning districts, historic districts, and water and sewer service areas.

Data Analysis

The analysis of spatial data is an important part of any GIS operation. North Country Council can provide in-depth analysis of known data and offer results in a variety of formats such as PowerPoint presentations, brochures, reports and graphs. Build-out analyses estimate the amount of development potential in a community under existing land use regulations and enable “testing” alternative scenarios.

GPS Data Collection

GPS, the Global Positioning System, is technology that locates and identifies particular locations on the Earth’s surface using a network of communication satellites. Often used with GIS, GPS can be a valuable tool to accurately locate known sites for future use. North Country Council has available a GPS receiver that may be used in the field.