As a Regional Planning Commission, North Country Council produces a Regional Transportation Plan on a five-year cycle and a Regional Transportation Improvement Plan on a two-year cycle.

The Regional Transportation Plan is a policy document that guides North Country Council, the New Hampshire Department of Transportation, member communities, and partner organizations in making important decisions regarding transportation and other key issues. The Regional Transportation Plan describes the existing transportation system in the region, includes trends and patterns, and outlines local and regional priorities to help guide future growth of a safe and efficient transportation system. This plan was developed using input from the public officials, NCC’s Transportation Advisory Committee, and from facilitated public meetings that were held around the region in 2012.

The Regional Transportation Improvement Program (RTIP) identifies and prioritizes transportation infrastructure improvements that are needed in our region. This plan looks ten year out and is updated every two years, similar to the NHDOT’s Ten Year Plan cycle. This RTIP helps North Country Council and NHDOT rank projects for the Ten Year Plan. The Ten Year Plan is a fiscally-constrained plan, but our RTIP is not; it is a list of all improvements that are needed and not all of these projects will be funded.