Regional Plans, Reports, and Policies

The following North Country Council plans, reports and policies are available for download. Click on the title below to download.

Developments with Potential Regional Impact

DRI Guidelines – Adopted October 28, 2010

Economic Development

North Country Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 2013 – 2017 (10 MB)

Groveton CEA Food and Energy Center New Hampshire (4MB PDF)

Coos County Industry Sectors Study and Strategic Plan (1.2 MB PDF)

Northern Forest Sustainable Economy Initiative (3.9 MB) Summary

Coos Economic Action Plan (57.5 MB)

Wood Availability Report

2006 NH Livable Wage Report (2.6MB)

Phase III Telecom Infrastructure Report (2.7MB)

Coos County Business & Worker Opinion Survey – September 2009 (5.8 MB PDF)

Groveton Market ProfileGroveton ESRI SupplementGroveton Executive Summary

New Forest Economy Groveton Market Study

SourceOne Groveton CHP Engineering Feasibility Study 


Regional Transportation Plan – 2015 Update

North Country Regional Transportation Plan – 2009

Coordinated Public Transit and Human Services Transportation Plan for New Hampshire’s North Country

White Mountain Trail National Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan 

US Route 3 Corridor Management Plan
Full Report (39 MB pdf)
Whitefield Photo Survey (37 MB pptm)
Lancaster Photo Survey (26 MB pptm)
Northumberland Photo Survey (37 MB pptm)
Stratford Photo Survey (37 MB pptm)

Download NCC’s latest Newsletter – September 2010

Grafton-Coos Community Transportation Services Directory 12-2014 (PDF)

Carroll County Community Transportation Services Director – September 2014


August 21, 2013 Presentation to NCC Reps

June 2011 Housing Needs Assessment Update

North Country Region Housing Needs Assessment – 2004 (body of report only – please contact NCC office for full report with appendices)

Local Plans

Bath Master Plan
Map 1: Drinking Water Resources & Potential Contamination
Map 2: Steep Slopes
Map 3: Hydric Soils
Map4: Farmland Soils
Map 5: Roads

Full Cost Accounting Study for the City of Berlin, NH

Carroll Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan

Easton Master Plan

Gorham Solid Waste Operations Study
Gorham Full Cost Accounting Report
Grafton County Complex Master Plan

Monroe Master Plan Cover Pages
Monroe Master Plan Text

Rumney Master Plan

Stratford Master Plan Cover Pages
Stratford Master Plan Text

Whitefield Master Plan Cover Pages
Whitefield Master Plan Text


The following learning tools developed by NCC are available for download:

Farm Friendly Zoning – Tara Bamford Presentation at 2011 NHPA Conference

No Net Loss Flood Hazard Area Zoning – Tara Bamford Presentation at 2009 N.H. Watershed Conference

Handout from October 2009 Planning Board Basics Training

Powerpoint – What is a Capital Improvements Program

The following presentations were given by others at North Country Council meetings:

Climate Change in Northern NH: Past, Present, and Future (3 MB PDF) Presentation by Dr. Cameron Wake, UNH Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space to North Country Council Representatives on December 11, 2013

Wind Turbines and Land Regulation (2.4 MB PPT) Presentation by NHOEP Energy Policy Analyst Erik Steltzer to North Country Council Representatives on August 25, 2010

Energy Facility Evaluation in New Hampshire (1.1 MB PPT) Presentation by NHDES Site Evaluation Committee Administrator Timothy Drew to North Country Council Representatives on August 25, 2010

Report by Preston Gilbert  on Potential Wausau Redevelopment Strategy for Food Production (4 MB PDF).