North Country Council (NCC) conducted a Business Preparedness Survey for companies in their economic development district (8,061). The survey consisted of 22 questions, the survey was designed to assess if businesses had ever been impacted by a natural or man-made disaster, whether or not they had developed emergency response plans and business continuity/recovery plans, whether they were going to develop such plans if they had not already done so, key obstacles to plan development, methods NCC could use to help businesses develop and improve disaster plans, and other questions useful for disaster planning. This was the first survey of this type within in the region.

We sent surveys by e-mail May 27 and mail surveys were sent May 29. To encourage response, reminder emails were sent about once a week thereafter to email recipients who had not responded. Since responses remained low for email and mail surveys alike, a decision was made to call all 8,061 businesses to elicit their participation in the study. Calls to all businesses were made from June 25 to June 27. When contacted by phone, businesses were asked if they would participate in the study, either at that time via the phone, or via email or mail. For those who chose email or mail, an appropriate point of contact with contact information was obtained and they were sent an email with a link to the survey or a mailed survey packet. Additional email and mail surveys were sent on July 7. Data collection ended on July 25. At that time, 643 completed surveys had been received.

Survey and Results


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