Grafton County Local Government and Office Holders

Elected Officers –

  • Attorney: Lara Saffo
  • Sherriff: Douglas Dutile
  • Reg. Of Deeds: Kelley Monahan
  •  Treasurer: Bonnie Parker

Elected Commissoners-

  •  Michael Cryans (District 1) Linda D. Lauer (District 2) Martha Richards (District 3)


  •  Executive Director: Julie Libby
  • Superintendent Department of Corrections: Tom Elliot
  • Human Resource: Donna Cramer
  • Nursing Home: Craig Labore
  • Farming: Donnie Kimball
  •  Maintaince: Jim Oakes
  • Human Services: Nancy Bishop
  • IT. Department: Brent Ruggles
  •  Alternative Scentencing: Lucille Amero

Coos County Government and Office Holders 

Elected Officers-

  • Attorney: John McCormick
  • Sheriff: Gerald P. Marcou Jr.
  • Reg. Of Deeds: Tanya Batchelder
  • Treasurer: Frederick King

Elected Commissioners-

  • Chair: Thomas Brady
  • Vice Chair: Paul R. Grenier
  • Clerk: Rick Samson


  • County Administrator: Jennifer Fish
  • Director of Finance: Carrie Klebe
  • Corrections Superintendent: Craig Hamelin
  • Nursing Home Administrator Berlin: Louise Belanger
  • Nursing Home Administrator West Stewartstown: Laura A. Mills
  • Network/Database Administrator: David Leveielle

Carroll County Local Government and Office Holders 

Elected Officers-

  • Attorney: Emily F. McLaughlin
  • Sheriff: Domenic M. Richardi
  • Reg. Of Deeds: Lisa Scott

Elected Commissioners-

  • Chair: David Sorensen
  • Vice Chair: David Babson
  • Clerk: Dennis Miller


  • Corrections Superintendent: Jason M. Henry
  • Human Resources: Wynette DeGroot
  • Nursing Home Administrator: Eric Lewis, M.D.
  • Farming: Will DeWitte