North Country Council

44th Annual Meeting 

Thursday October 19, 2017

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your support of the North Country Council this past year. The Council continues to move forward as a pro-active resource for our communities, partners and the region providing professional economic development, community, regional, transportation and solid waste planning services to serve your needs.

We continue to deliver traditional programs in master planning, natural resource planning, transportation, solid waste management, and economic development as well as other support efforts focused on helping our region and communities thrive.

Community planning projects such as corridor plans, planning future land use, building consensus via public engagement master plans and special projects are funded by municipalities through local funds, the NH Office of Energy and Planning, and federal agencies such as FEMA, EPA, FWHA, and HUD. Development review services for individual projects are reimbursed by applicants, or for routine assistance from application fees.

We continue to be very active in transportation planning. NCC is the recipient of a grant from the NH Department of Transportation that enables us to provide assistance to towns and to staff the Transportation Advisory Committee for our region. We have been active in other transportation programs such as 5310 Funding through NHDOT to provide elderly and disable transportation, and other programs.

In economic development we continue our strong relationship with the Department of Commerce and the Economic Development Administration (EDA) in bringing funding and project development to our region. NCC seeks, secures and administers, state federal and foundation grants for the region’s municipalities, organizations and businesses. Our staff of professional grant writers have proven to be successful in securing funding in the areas of Economic Development, Pubic Facilities, Housing and Recreation. As the designated economic development district NCC provides a strategy driven plan the CEDS, which is maintained by a CEDS committee maintaining priority lists, collaborating on projects or regional interest, sharing best practices and keeping current on economic development trends and techniques

NCC also delivers solid waste management programs where core efforts are focused to promote best management practices. Programs help via site visits, operator training and organic waste management. In addition NCC has been engaged in a Household Hazardous Waste Program where our core effort is to help protect water resources — through the coordination of household hazardous collections.

As you look through our Annual Report and other materials provided on our website, you will see a variety of technical assistance activities that were provided to a number of communities in our region. We also have been engaged in major programs with Janes’ Trust, the Tillotson Foundation, other partners to help the North Country move forward.

Again, thank you for your support for North Country Council. All of us at North Country Council look forward to serving your community. NCC is your organization. We are here to serve you. We are dedicated to both supporting our individual towns and promoting our region’s success.

Respectfully submitted,

Dr. Barbara Robinson, Executive Director

Annual Report FY2016