About the Planning Region

  • There are 3,418 square miles in our planning region.
  • Our region consists of fifty-one municipalities and twenty-five Unincorporated Places.
  • There are three counties within our region, all of Coos County and parts of Grafton and Carroll Counties, and all or part of six labor market areas.
  • Our region’s population was 90,813 in 2010 (US Census).

About the Economic Development District

Our Economic Development District includes all of the NCC Planning Region plus Grafton County. This includes ten municipalities in the Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Region (Piermont, Orford, Lyme, Hanover, Lebanon, Dorchester, Canaan, Orange, Grafton, and Enfield) and six towns in the Lakes Region (Hebron, Bridgewater, Bristol, Alexandria, Holderness, and Ashland).